4 Reasons Why Sleep is Good for our Mind

4 Reasons Why Sleep is Good for our Mind

Turns our sleep is even better than we thought.

Proper sleep is essential for our body and brain function. Here's how dreamland helps our everyday functions.

Improve Concentration & Productivity 
Sleep helps brain functions such as; cognition, concentration, productivity. All of these are negatively affected by sleep deprivation
Studies have found that short sleep can have a negative impact on brain functions, similar to alcohol intoxication
Maximize Athletic Performance

In a study on basketball players, longer sleep was shown to significantly improve speed, accuracy, reaction times, and mental well-being.

Less sleep duration has also been associated with poor exercise performance in older women.

Improve your Immune Function

Even a small loss of sleep can impair immune function.

If you often get colds, ensuring that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night could be very helpful. Eating more garlic can help as well.

Affect Emotions and Social Interactions

Sleep loss reduces your ability to interact socially.

Researchers believe that poor sleep affects your ability to recognize important social cues and process emotional information.

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