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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabis compound that is widely used as a health supplement. The human endocannabinoid system responds positively to CBD, so people who use CBD supplements may experience an enhanced quality of life. Because CBD is not significantly psychoactive, it can be used by anyone, whether or not they have a medical marijuana recommendation.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, Moka products are legal because they are grown within the Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp program standards. Our CBD is state compliant and contains less than .3% THC. You must be 18+ years of age to purchase. You can find Certificates of Analysis here

Where is your CBD from?

We grow our flower at our sustainably-run family farm, Wild Child Farmune. We only use natural nutrients to keep our flower fresh.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Most drug screens and tests for the metabolites your body makes when consuming Delta 9 THC and do not detect the presence of cannabidiol (CBD) or other legal natural hemp-based constituents. While our products are low in Delta 9 THC, they are not THC free. Studies have shown that consuming hemp with low THC can cause one to fail a drug test. Since there are many variables we cannot answer this question for each person. 

How much should I consume?

There is no standardized dosage for CBD, as individual needs will vary depending on your unique Endocannabinoid System, the severity of your symptoms, height/weight/metabolism, etc. That being said, we recommend starting with a small dosage for at least one week, and then adjust from there until you find your optimal dosage. Higher dosages are better for pain relief and tend to have a more calming effect, while lower doses can be more awakening and are good for general wellness and restoring your body’s essential balance.


Coupon & Discount Codes?

Coupon codes and discount codes are NOT eligible for refunds and cannot be applied retroactively once an order is placed. If a code is not valid, we apologize but assure you that we already offer some of the lowest prices for hemp and CBD. If you wish to receive our newsletter which occasionally contains coupon codes you can sign up at the bottom of Please do not email our customer service team to request codes, when codes are available they are published in the newsletter. 

Damage or Defective Products?

If you have received a damaged or defective product, please email us at We will be happy to refund or replace your purchase. *Moka Hemp will only accept returns and refunds from purchases made on Moka Hemp will not allow returns from a purchase made in a retail store. **Please also note that we do not have a money back guarantee, as CBD does affect everyone differently. We are not able to accept back any product that has been opened or used.

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