How our Customers Prioritize Their Mental Health

How our Customers Prioritize Their Mental Health

Moka was started with the idea of sharing a plant that helps ease the uncertainties in each of our lives, so naturally we wanted to acknowledge World Mental Health Day. We brainstormed how to do so, but in reality everyone manages and defines mental health in their own way. Instead of telling you how to help yourself, we asked what you do to prioritize your mental health. This is what you said...

Creative projects (I'm not an artsy person what-so-ever)
Long drives blasting my favorite music 
Any type of exercise to calm me down 
Daily to-do list including small things like laundry so I see what I accomplished
Taking a 10 minute walk when I feel out of sorts
24-hour technology fast once a week 
I like to read daily to take my mind to another world for an hour 


My favorite response was this "Honestly if it helps your mind, makes you feel better, and feels right to you, than it usually is"

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