How Hiking Promotes Stress Relief

How Hiking Promotes Stress Relief

For most people, stress is an inevitable part of the daily routine. Whether from work or your personal life, many things can leave you with a stressed, over-worked mind. While there are a number of different treatments (and always consult with your physician before seeking any treatment),  an overlooked remedy is the great outdoors. Hiking can be an effective stress reliever, and is a viable option for the majority of people. There are a number of reasons hiking is an excellent to improve your mood, and clear your mind such as...

Help yourself disconnect 

Our brains are constantly being stimulated from the moment we get out of bed to the moment we get back in it (and sometimes after). That doesn't leave us much time to reflect on our own thoughts without a phone buzzing. It's important for us to get away from that and have time to reconnect with yourself, that's what hiking provides. A change of scenery from the houses and cars, seeing the beauty that nature has and hearing the peacefulness of.. well nothing. Although bringing your phone align is probably the safest option, keeping the ringer off and finding solitude with nature can really help your mind reset and relieve stress. 

You're your only competitor 

There's no race to finish the hike the fastest, you're completely on your own time. Feel like taking a break, or going off the trail? That's the beauty of hiking because it gives you a chance to take back control of your life and decisions. You can celebrate the moments you impress yourself and hike a little farther than last time. And the hikes where you come up short, no one else has to know. The only person you need to impress is yourself. 


Exercise is GREAT for your brain 

Hiking is an effective full-body workout technique , but particularly for your brain. Exercise always causes your body to release chemicals that help blood vessel development in your brain and support healthy brain cells. Not only can it help your lose weight but hiking for long periods of time can help lower blood pressure.

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